Friday, July 2, 2010

My Life, My Best

Feeling a little down right now
Can't really describe why
When I think about my life the past few months
Makes me want to cry

I will never laugh again
With a carefree sort of tone
Something inside me has changed
With all this pain that I have known

I don't know what to expect
When I'm finally together again
Will I be able to find my way in life
Or will this broken heart ever mend

My husband believes I'm still the same
My daughter never knew
I somehow don't know how to be her anymore
Because of this entirely different view

I am happy for my suffering
I am thankful for the pain
But give me something more to hold onto
My heart can't take the strain

Like a jigsaw puzzle
I am working through this mess
Trying to fit and a corner into the middle
And trying to give my life, my best


  1. This made me ball my eyes out for you...but I know that you are the same person you've always been...your just stronger and wiser now. Your still HILARIOUS and BEAUTIFUL, just like you always will be. I love you.

  2. I understand. The hardest time for me was after the treatments were over. You will come through it, just accept what you are feeling and honor it. You have changed inside and no one can understand it as well as you and God. Draw near to Him and let him lead you through I promise you will shine brighter than before! (if that is possible, you shine so brightly at the present)
    With love and encouragement,

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